Amazing Stats #1

Welcome to a regular Outsider feature, Amazing Stats. We will provide you with ten unbelievable, certifiably true pieces of data. Don’t bother to “Google it” because every factoid here is 100 percent absolutely correct and confirmed by our highly specialized team of expertly-trained experts whose expertise lies in fact-checking facts. No more explanation is warranted. Please enjoy.

10. The value of the most expensive home sold in 2016, causing major concerns about the housing market: $2,100
9. The number of states won by Gary Johnson: 2, the states of shock and confusion
8. The number of people who went through a midlife crisis in 2016, a new record: 760,000,000
7. The total number of “Loves trumps hate” buttons purchased in 2016: 3.2 billion
6. The number of people who noticed it was the hottest year on record: 218 politicians and Bill Nye the Science Guy
5. The percentage of statistics that were true in 2016: less than 1%
4. The odds of the Chicago Cubs to win the 2016 World Series, to the surprise of many baseball fans: 100%
3. The number of people who know what Aleppo is: approximately 12,500
2. The number of people who enjoyed the year 2016, according to a new study: 0
1. The percentage of people who think that 2017 can’t possibly get any worse: 99%


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