Trump Will Return to “Celebrity Apprentice”

On January 12, Donald Trump announced that he will be taking over as the host of the New Celebrity Apprentice for the next season, a role that Arnold Schwarzenegger just received this year. He made this announcement following his criticism of Schwarzenegger for the poor ratings he received during the first episode. Although he gave up his hosting position for his campaign, he never dropped out of the production as a whole. He remained the Executive Producer.

Our reporters asked him how he could manage this position along with the presidency, and his answer was simple. He said, “We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great again,” and this answer came as a surprise to nobody, for this was his answer to most questions during the campaign season.

Many can’t see the reason why Trump would wish to return to his show. He will hold the most important job in the free world, and he has enough money to do whatever he wants. We went ahead and asked him this question, and his answer came as a surprise to many of us. He said, “The Emmys are all politics, that’s why, despite nominations, The Apprentice never won–even though it should have many times over.” Not winning an Emmy has clearly been affecting Trump for many years, and he will most likely keep trying to win until he accomplishes this goal of his.

After all, Trump has a reason to be upset about the direction his program is heading in. The final episode of the latest season he hosted saw 6.10 million viewers, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s premiere episode only saw 4.95 million viewers. On top of that, the second episode only had 3.9 million viewers, a noticeable decrease from the number of viewers of the premiere.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Will Trump be given an Emmy just because he is the president? Will political bias continue? Will the Apprentice gain more viewers as a result of Trump’s move? Make sure to follow our paper, and we will keep you updated on how this all plays out.


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