Donald Trump Admits Who He REALLY Voted For

At around 6 PM on the afternoon of January 13, Donald Trump tweeted– and deleted soon after– a statement announcing that he and his wife had not voted for Trump, but instead for an underdog candidate who was not even running. He also temporarily modified his Twitter bio to reflect his admission.

The tweet, posted at 6:06, reads, “I’m proud to announce that my wife and I did not vote for me in the 2016 presidential election. Instead, we voted for the legendary maverick Joe BIDEN!” It was taken down by a staffer within twenty minutes, and the Trump team is denying that it was ever tweeted.

It gathered over thirteen thousand retweets and thirty-three thousand likes during those twenty minutes. The Outsider talked to Mr. Pete Peterson, who claims he was the first person to retweet it. “I consider myself to be a big fan, or should I say a YUGE fan of Joe Biden and I was amazed and, honestly, surprised when I saw the tweet.”

Mr. Peterson was even able to capture a screenshot of both the bio, but not the tweet, because it was taken down. Unfortunately, the image is in black and white because of his old-fashioned monitor. In addition, his clock was set one day backwards because he lives in a distant undisclosed time zone, but this is unimportant. It is unlikely that Trump will ever acknowledge the tweet, even given the amount of indisputable and clear evidence.


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