Mike Pence Steps Down From VP Job, The Reason Is Bizarre

This is a developing story. It has been announced and confirmed that soon-to-be Vice President Michael Pence has stepped down from his would-be role and suggested Jessie Ventura as his successor. This story comes following the announcement that Donald Trump and Ben Carson were “sweethearts” at a young age.

Ben Carson does not deny the reports, but says, “the feelings I had then were temporary… Mr. Trump and I are just friends now… I repeat, just friends… Mr. Trump is a great man but I am in a relationship right n– I mean, I don’t date guys.” No photos have emerged of the two of them together at a young age, but there are some photos of Trump’s wonderful hairstyle and Carson’s fascinating afro. It’s easy to realize how the two of them were just made for each other.

It’s unknown how they met, but a lasting connection was certainly formed. Just recently, Trump named Carson the Secretary of Atheism, challenging him to expand his horizons.

Melania Trump also spoke on the issue, stating that, “I knew Donald was a womanizer, but a ‘manizer’ as well? Come on, man!” She then clarified by saying that she would love him forever and ever, or until Donald Trump buys himself a new wife.


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