African-Americans Swarm To Leave U.S. After This Offer

   Zimbabwe billionaire, Romy Tonderai, has released a statement offering any African-American families or individuals $500,000, a home, a lifetime supply of food, and a car, if they leave the U.S due to Donald Trump being elected president.

   Concerns have risen for African- Americans after Donald Trump has been elected president. This has prompted a Zimbabwe billionaire to invest his fortune in helping African-Americans leave the United States to avoid further discrimination and inequality. With the recent media coverage exposing police brutality and racially motivated crimes against African-Americans, Romy Tonderai, has decided to put his fortune to what he believes is good use. He has created the “Back To Zimbabwe” movement in efforts to assist African-Americans in returning to their “motherland” and starting a fresh life. According to reports, Romy Tonderai has invested over $500 million dollars into the project already and is prepared to spend much more. Tonderai owns five commercial 747 jets and a fleet of cruise ships which he plans to use to transport those who are interested in “returning” to Zimbabwe from the United States, even if it is not their country of origin. 

   The effect has been immediate. At this time, at least one percent of African-American households are en route to Zimbabwe. This caused a notable statistic; at the end of the day today, the U.S. population was lower than yesterday. This occurred for the first time since the battle of Gettysburg in 1863.


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