Become An African Superpower With This 1 Weird Trick!

With a recent spike in ivory trade, African countries are making tons of money off elephant exports. Their amount of power in the world is going up, and they are turning into economic superpowers off this alone. The countries that are experiencing the biggest profits are Gabon, Benin and Botswana, as demonstrated by their high GDPs in comparison to other African nations.

These spikes occurred due to a number of different factors working together. Tougher sanctions on illegal ivory trade to the United States have caused these smugglers to get ivory in before it is too late, the clearing of savannah land in order to build industrial zones and changing African laws have all contributed to this, and we can expect that African nations will continue to loosen up their policies due to the success.   In addition, with the ivory market growing, African countries are now hiring hunters and smugglers, increasing business and decreasing the unemployment rate. They can then use the money created through this business to work on building cities and developing technology in these newly cleared out areas. These events are quickly creating drastic changes in Africa, much like how the industrial revolutions of the United States and Britain turned those nations into world superpowers. In fact, African countries could hit an industrial revolution of their own in coming years; They are many decades behind in the latest technology.

As the World Economic Forum put it, “Africa has decided to take matters of instability into its own hands,” and “African problems should have African solutions.”

Clearly, these small and underrated nations are stepping up, and they are using one of their most famous animals to boost their economy. Expect rapid industrialization and the creation of new global superpowers in the coming years, and stay updated for the latest out of Africa.


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