Irish Man Spots UFO

   On December 30, an Irish man who has begged us over and over to stay anonymous, claims to have seen UFOS flying by him while in his helicopter. Jeffrey Parker was unable to capture any photos because he was too shocked. The image shown here is an artist’s representation, based on his testimony under oath in an Irish appellate system court. 

   Jeffrey later took thousands of copies of the artistic image to the Irish government and is talking with their highest priests about the UFOS at this very moment. Ireland is the only European nation willing to use their government and tax money to research extra-terrestrials. They have dealt with several similar cases already, but they said “This is the hardest one we have seen yet”. They later went on, explaining how many details and how amazing this sighting was. The Irish government would like to have you contact them with any additional information that you know or think you know. 


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