Facebook’s Popularity Still Declining

   It’s becoming increasingly evident that Facebook is losing support from its members. A recent report showed that it had dropped to only the fifteenth most popular social media network (the top two were Snapchat and Twitter). Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly stated that the company is “dying.” One reason for this may be that the company recently invested billions of dollars in the witch hunt for ‘fake news’. Just today, Facebook’s stock price has dropped by 17 percent already, showing investors’ worries about the company’s future, both short and long term. 

   Another shocking study revealed that only 1 in thirty-six members of Facebook were from aged between thirteen and eighteen, although that group makes up over one seventh of the world’s population. It also showed that over 2/3 of Facebook’s current members were over the age of fifty-five.

   Although the elderly make up the largest, by far, section of its users, many who don’t join are scared off by its privacy policy, written in complex legal jargon that even many experts cannot decipher. We talked with Rennard Strickland, a co-author of The Lawyer Myth, and he told us this, “Lawyers are expected to restore equilibrium, to be balancers… But they simply can’t. No one can… And when no one understands the terms of service, some identities are gonna get stolen.”

   Mr. Strickland also was a part of a research team that projected a terrifying statistic. Based on the rate of today’s youth joining Facebook and the percent death rate for each age group, he determined that by 2021, there will be more dead than living people on Facebook. What you can you do to fix the problem with Facebook? Probably nothing, Strickland says, so sell all your Facebook stock. 


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