Amazing Stats #2

  Welcome to a regular Outsider feature, Amazing Stats. We will provide you with ten unbelievable, certifiably true pieces of data. Don’t bother to “Google it” because every factoid here is 100 percent absolutely correct and confirmed by our highly specialized team of expertly-trained experts whose expertise lies in fact-checking facts. No more explanation is warranted. Please enjoy. Today’s theme is “Animals”.
10. Speed, in millimeters per second, of a bacterium: 0.05

9. Number of animals that destroyed gardens in 2016: 625,573

8. Percentage of decrease in the number of dinosaurs: 0%

7. Ratio of insects to humans in the world: 1,428,571,428:1

6. Number of birds that landed on baseball diamonds during a game: 3,209

5. Number of extinct animals who came back to life in 2016: 0

4. Percentage of pet goldfish who jumped out of their fishbowl in 2016: 13%

3. Number of spiders that were consumed by humans in their sleep: 833,802,816

2. Percentage of humans who know they are primates: 22%

1. Mentions of dat boi in 2016: 1,480,076,522


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