Google Gets Replaced In Dow Jones

   After the failure of Google’s exploding phones and the somewhat moderate success of Apple’s new iPhone, the stock price of Google plummeted and the company’s stockholders began abandoning ship. It was a clear opportunity for Google to be replaced by a new company in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. 

   The criteria for a corporation making the Dow Jones is, according to its official mission statement, “being representative of the stock market and the economy of both the United States and the world.” According to leaders of the Dow Jones such as Frederick Phillerson, “Google just can’t make the cut in that situation.”

   The only problem was finding a company to replace Google. But it proved not to be a challenge. A relatively young company, El Cheapo Flags, was the perfect candidate. Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, El Cheapo Flags calls themselves the “A-Z flag shop”. 

   The company can be contacted at their website,, where they list customer reviews, key information, and their full flag inventory, including collegiate, state, country, and U.S. territory flags. Congratulations from the staff of The Outsider on your astounding accomplishment!


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