El Cheapo Flags Creates Daughter Company

   El Cheapo Flags has been in the news a lot lately, especially after it was revealed by The Outsider that they would be taking over Google’s place in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. They are a relatively unknown company, although they have supplied over sixty percent of all flags made in the United States since the turn of the century. 

   Donald Trump has announced his mixed feelings about the corporation, saying in a press conference, “They’re a great company, great company. But believe me– I make better flags than anyone. Anyone. And I make them by hand. By hand. And my company doesn’t have a Mexican name, it has a strong, proud, American name. Thank you. Thank you…”

   The Outsider previously shared that El Cheapo Flags called themselves the A-Z flag retailer because of their vast inventory. The company’s CEO, Johnny English, announced that a daughter company would be formed, focusing on speciality flags, like those of United States territories like Guam. The company is called Las Banderas A-Z. 

   Las Banderas A-Z opened on the New York Stock Exchange with an IPO of 30 dollars, the same price as a pair of standard three by five foot flags. It soon skyrocketed to 50, hill 100, and then 152 dollars, where it closed this afternoon. Many celebrity figures cashed in on this flag craze. Tom Hanks admitted to our staff that he “bought out five percent of the whole company”. 


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