New Language Discovered– Could It Affect You?

   Deep in the least populated Canadian territory of Nunavut, a new spoken language has been discovered, called Alotacu. This language is spoken by approximately 10% of the province, and it it the first new language to be created or discovered in many decades.

   This language was discovered by a tourist in the area named Liam Leblanc. We got a chance to speak with him, and he said “I spoke fluent Inuktitut and English, the languages I thought they spoke, but when I tried to talk to a group of village people, we couldn’t understand each other.” Leblanc continued to try to find someone to speak to, and he eventually found an English-Alotacu translator. “I asked him about the language and he said it was called Alotacu. I was astonished when I learned about it,” he said.

  We sent a team into the village where Leblanc learned about this language to investigate it, and that is when we found out that many neighboring towns also spoke it. Our team got permission to go into a public school in the area, and the students had three language classes; They were learning English, Inuktitut and Alotacu.

   Wanting more information, our team got a chance to speak with the village mayor. On the subject of why three languages are mandatory in the schools, he said “English is for international business relations, Inuktitut is for the majority of the territory, and Alotacu is what sets our region apart.” He seemed very proud that his village was getting recognized for their language, and he wants people from all over the world to “come visit” and “take some classes” to learn Alotacu.

   In the next year, Alotacu is going to be added to the variety of languages in Google Translate, online courses will be created, and the language is set to expand to 4 neighboring towns for a total of 3,845 new speakers. It is growing very quickly, so stay updated for news on its growth and where lessons will be available.


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