Trump To Build New Golf Course– In Russia

   At noon on Thursday, January 19, President-Elect Donald Trump announced his plans to build a new golf course… in Russia. These developments come after a series of events tying Trump to Russia including a scandal accusing Russian hackers of interfering with the American election and the pick of Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil with close ties to Putin, as Secretary of State. 

   This announcement seems to benefit Trump’s opponents more than it benefits him. Throughout the campaign season, Democrats have accused Trump of having ties to Putin, and trusting Russia more than he trusts America’s political system. The fact that he is building a golf course in Russia supports that, and it strengthens the argument for why a multi-national businessman isn’t suitable for the presidency. 

   However, building a golf course in Russia could create a better relationship between the two nations. This is something that Trump seems to be trying to accomplish and has been successful in doing so far. When President Obama expelled Russian diplomats, Putin didn’t respond. This could very well be due to the Trump presidency right around the corner, a presidency that Putin could have a lot of confidence in. However, it could also be because he feels he will have a lot of say in it.

   There is no doubt that Trump will look to his advisors for a lot of his actions. One of them is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, someone who could persuade Trump to do what Putin wants to benefit Russia and Exxon Mobil. The groundbreaking ceremony for the golf course is coming up in February, well after Trump’s inauguration. Stay updated for more from Trump’s new golf course, as it is sure to cause a lot of controversy.


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