Amazing Stats #3

Welcome to a regular Outsider feature, Amazing Stats. We will provide you with ten unbelievable, yet certifiably true pieces of data. No more explanation is warranted. Please enjoy.Today’s theme is outer space. 

10. The percentage of people surveyed who named Neil deGrasse Tyson as their idol: 0%

9. The number of black holes that actually exist: either zero, or millions and millions

8. The approximate percentage of the universe that is empty: 100%

7. The number of poor, confused souls who find the sea more interesting than space: five billion

6. The number of hours that the staff of The Outsider tried and failed to find a statistic to put here: twelve

5. The number of planets there will be in our solar system in one trillion years: probably zero

4. The number of stars that have died brutally in 2017 so far: 108 million

3. Perhaps the reason that no aliens have come to Earth: 93.5% alltime mortality rate here

2. The percentage of people who watched Interstellar yet don’t know that time is the fourth dimension: 37%

1. The number of Earthlings who think we’re alone in the universe, but don’t realize that the likelihood of that is slim to none: 3 billion


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