Man Fired From McDonalds After Spitting On Pancakes

   A former McDonalds employee recently announced the reason he got fired. He claims he “spit on pancakes ordered after noon” because “no respectful person should ask the late shift to make pancakes.”   This 42-year-old man, named Charles McConnaugh, was a 16-year McDonalds veteran and had been a shift manager for seven years. He worked on the afternoon and evening shifts for all of his years at the company, and he was opposed to all-day breakfast from the moment McDonalds made the announcement. In his words, “I wake up at the crack of dawn every morning to eat breakfast before my first job. It’s insulting that people eat breakfast past my lunch break.”

   Throughout its short history at McDonalds, all-day breakfast has led to many instances of incorrect orders and complaints from customers. Franchises everywhere have complained to top McDonalds officials, but they persist in the expanded menu. One official disregarded the issue by saying “Our customers wanted breakfast all day, and we value their demands.”

   Since he was fired, Charles McConnaugh has publicly spoken out against all-day breakfast, and he is currently looking for a new job. McDonalds has apologized to everyone who has complained to them and is refunding everyone who complains that their pancakes were spit on at the particular New Hampshire location where Charles McConnaugh worked, although some customers reported the pancakes tasted better that way. 


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