Cough Drops Are Completely Ineffective

   In our lifetimes, we have all had cough drops because they taste good instead of because we need them. It turns out that they aren’t really needed at all. We are learning that these cough drops were marketed as medicine so we think they are “healthy” and “useful,” but they were really just pieces of candy all along.

   A recent study by science students at a private university is responsible for the discovery that the contents in cough drops have no medical purpose. They tested the four most popular cough drop brands across the United States, and none of them had ingredients that would classify them as medicine. Most of the flavoring was found to be artificial, and the strong cough drops that taste more like medicine contain bitter, natural flavors.

   However, many people claim that their cough drops really do work. Why? This is most likely because of the placebo effect. This means that when we think we are taking medicine, we trick our brain into thinking it is working, and we start to feel better. Placebos are quite popular in dealing with hypochondriacs.

   After their success in this study, the group of student scientists responsible is moving on to perform the same tests on similar products, including Tums chewable tablets and Flintstones Vitamins. Their goal is to see which of these products do what they say they do, and which ones are frauds. Stay updated for more information on this matter.