Trump Adopts A Monkey

   For over 150 years, every president that moved into the White House has had a pet. The Trump family is going to be moving in very shortly, and many people were concerned he would be breaking that tradition. However, his team has recently reported that he will be keeping that tradition going with the adoption of a monkey.

   When asked about this incident in a press conference, Trump said, “We’re going to make America great again. Just me and a monkey are going to build a wall, and make it great again.” This came as a shock to the “Get a Pet or Get Out” movement, a large group of people who protest the Trump Administration in cities all over the country because he doesn’t have a pet. “I wanted him to get a basset hound, but I’m glad he got something,” said a protester in the metropolitan Atlanta area. She was part of a large group of about 6,000 people that have been out every day for the past month. They all shuffled back to their homes on the morning of January 21 when the Trump team made the announcement.

   Given a monkey is a rare, exotic pet, concerns arose over who would take care of the pet. Trump responded to this question by saying, “We hired the best zookeepers in the land to teach us. Melania, Reince and Steve are taking his monkey keeping class right now.” When they got hired, I can personally guarantee that Trump’s top advisors didn’t think their main job would be to take care of a monkey, but Trump has been spontaneous and wild throughout the campaign season, so this shouldn’t be the biggest surprise of everything that happened.

   In addition, there were more concerns over who would take care of Trump’s monkey after he leaves the White House. The specific species that he adopted is supposed to live for 25-30 years, and it is currently 3 years old. Trump responded to this by saying “Reince can have it. He needs it.” Reince Priebus hasn’t been interviewed since this monkey incident, so stay updated for more information.


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