Florida Farm Carves Trump’s Face Into Oranges

   An orange farm in Florida, measuring 80 acres, was recently accused of carving Trump’s face in their oranges prior to sale. Their oranges are distributed and sold at grocery stores in the metropolitan Pittsburgh area, and 75% of the grocery stores receiving their oranges have already suspended shipments. All of them are now ordering from other farms.   In a tweet that was later deleted, President Trump attacked the farm’s owner while also mentioning how great he looks as an orange. In a press conference, he said, “There will be severe punishments, probably in the form of a ban from all Trump Towers.” He also made it clear that “The Justice Department is investigating this horrible act.” 

   Meanwhile, grocery stores that are yet to suspend their shipments with this farm are still receiving oranges with Trump’s face imprinted on them. Although it expresses political bias that can be dangerous for grocery stores’ business, many of them have reported growth in orange sales. If this farm doesn’t receive harsh punishments, they may consider continuing to carve Trump faces in their oranges if it leads to more business nationwide. In addition to grocery stores, this could open up sales to new markets.

   Unfortunately, orders are not available in small shipments, so it would be expensive to get these oranges for yourself. However, the machines that carve images into fruits can be found online in some large machine catalogs. Good luck in your Trump-orange production!