Bottled Water Jobs Outsourced To Europe

In response to President Trump’s policies against clean energy, many water companies are relocating their plants to Europe in fear of polluted springs. As of now, about 6,000 jobs were outsourced. In response, Trump passed an executive order meant to punish these companies. He imposed water tariffs.   “We are concerned for the future of water in their springs,” said a manager at an Ice Mountain plant recently created in Europe. While this is an issue at a global scale, these water companies are trying to survive just slightly longer. They have heard Trump stress how important fossil fuels are, so they decided to leave before it is too late for their corporations. They chose Europe because many countries there are making the switch to clean energy. Countries such as Germany, Scotland and Denmark are leading the way, and these new jobs coming into their nations are one of the many benefits they are experiencing.

Throughout the campaign season, Trump bragged about how many jobs his policies would create. He has kept a few plants that were planning on leaving from building overseas, but this is a huge number of jobs that he will need to make up for in order to have positive job growth. Considering there are more water companies in the United States, he may even consider changing his stance on clean energy to keep them here. After all, he is not relying on endorsements from fossil fuel companies anymore.

Following the announcements, many water corporations moving overseas saw their stocks drop for a day, only to rebound to new heights the next. “Nobody fund these evil, evil people,” said President Trump on this matter. “I will get those jobs back. They won’t like my water tariffs,” he said. However, it is unlikely that these jobs will be coming back anytime soon. They left due to his fossil fuel policy instead of his economic policies, so it would be strange if they were to come back due to President Trump’s tariffs. We here at The Outsider generally drink tap water, but we wish all of you bottled water drinkers the best of luck in the future.