Waiters of America, Thank You For Your Service

Usually, when an citizen of the United States gives thanks to someone for serving, it means in the military. And that is certainly acceptable, for members of the armed forces do a great service to everyone. But there’s another group that has served everybody in the United States, time and time again. Waiters.

Waiters of the U.S., we thank you for always being there for us. You might not know that over 87% of typically obese Americans will go out to a restaurant for dinner on any given night. And many of the hard-working servers who greet them each and every time have little-to-no experience with jobs of any kind, making it even more impressive that they’re able to consistently provide fine service for everyone.

So the next time you visit a restaurant, place an order, and eat your meal, be respectful. Throw away your own garbage. Leave a 99 percent tip. Volunteer to mop the bathroom floors. But, most importantly, be sure to find your waiter and say, with a joyful demeanor, “Thank you for your service.”

The Outsider would like to dedicate this article to the great waiters and waitresses of America, and even Earth as a whole. To them, we say: thank you for your service.