Oberweis Drivers Announce Strike

This afternoon, the employees of the Oberweis Home Delivery service went on strike after they couldn’t come to a settlement in collective bargaining. They had three demands going into the process, none of which were met by the company. These demands were an increase in pay of 60 cents per hour, newer trucks for deliveries and the change back from the new Oberweis stuffed cow to the previous iconic one.

The strikes are occurring outside Oberweis locations all over the United States. Although they are small in numbers, this strike has a lot of impact on Oberweis. After all, they are closing one branch of the business. Customers who will not be receiving their milk deliveries were notified in an email, and they received $4.50 back to the account they subscribed to the service from. Other subscribers received their milk bottles through UberEats, a company that Oberweis is using temporarily until they get the strikers back to work. “I was very disappointed when the cow changed, but I need my chocolate milk more,” said an Oberweis Home Delivery subscriber who didn’t receive her milk through UberEats.

Although they still have a substantial amount of business, the Oberweis Home Delivery service has been on the decline for the past decade due to large grocery stores, Amazon’s delivery service and healthier milk options. Because of this decline, Oberweis has been considering ending their home delivery service, but they decided to shrink their number of trucks instead. The drivers still employed got small raises, but their longer routes make them believe they still deserve more.