Junior High Teacher Uses Revolutionary Methods

   The Outsider has discovered an eighth-grade history teacher who has completely changed the subject of his expertise, that subject being history. Many other teachers believe that the best, and only way to teach history class involves having students fill out worksheets, commit certain facts to memory, and take mindless multiple choice tests. 

   However, this teacher, who has been kept anonymous to protect his identity, says a different approach must be taken to educate his students. The teacher says, “History is not about memorizing names and dates and flashcards,” and “I like to think that this is a high school-style class.”
   His students are mostly big fans– except for those pupils who can’t keep up with the complex workload, which includes in-depth experiential activities, brainstorming activities, activity matrices, mastery comments, readings, pre-readings, pre-assessments, assessments, and post-assessments. 

   The teacher, who hails from Chicago, claims that, although his students are “twenty-first century kids”, in his class, things are done the “old-fashioned way”. This means using only the right side of three five-subject student notebooks instead of readily available iPads and computers. If that isn’t efficiency at its best, who knows what is!