Trump Creates Personal Flag

   President Trump has recently announced his intentions to create a “personal flag” that represents his presidency and his greatness. He passed an executive order stating that this flag will be created, and it stated the color scheme and design along with it. He also ordered 400 million copies of the design to be made by El Cheapo Flags to distribute to every American and keep for his own use. This “personal flag” sparked both enthusiasm and anger among Americans.

   President Trump’s personal flag will still have three colors, but none of them will be red, white or blue. Instead, the colors on the Presidential flag will be gold, green and orange. Respectively, these colors represent America’s most prized buildings (the Trump Towers), President Trump’s personal wealth and his famous skin color. The flag will be three horizontal lines with gold on top because of the height of the towers, green in the middle because it is more important than an individual and orange at the bottom because there would be no purpose to the color being there if Trump didn’t have his buildings and money.

   A majority of the American people who heard about this are outraged, for his flag makes it look like he has selfish values. They have been protesting in the streets of Washington D.C. with anti-Trump posters and upside-down Trump flags. According to one protester, “He thinks he is so important, but the majority is against him.” After all, he did lose the popular vote and a large majority disapproved of him in campaign polling. Other protesters argue that Trump has the wrong priorities, and his presidency should come before preserving his legacy. As a fellow republican politician of his put it, “America has issues that need to be addressed before we can celebrate our president.” 

   On the other hand, some Americans think it is good that Trump created his personal flag. This seemingly small group of people who Trump is referring to as the “silent majority” argues that Trump’s personal flag is well deserved due to his past success, and that he should be able to celebrate his winning campaign with the creation of a flag. As one pro-Trump citizen put it, “His flag represents his values and his determination to conquer any obstacle.” If this is true, we will just need to wait and see what Trump makes of his presidency.