Apple Announces iPhone 7.5 And Accessories

   The iPhone 7 has just been released recently, and the only significant difference was it’s missing headphone jack. Since Apple likes to create new versions of products constantly, it is no surprise that they announced the iPhone 7.5, to release in July. Despite the announcement of a new phone not being a surprise, a significant change in the phone has crushed the hearts of millennials. The new iPhone will not have a built-in sound system.

   According to an Apple executive, “We are constantly innovating, and we decided it is time to say goodbye to a sound system.” They created two separate products that will be released with the iPhone in July. These products, ranging from $2,000 to $20,000 individually, are the iSmell and the iMagination. These products are not required in the purchase of an iPhone, but they are both required to use any of its features efficiently.

   The iSmell is a wire that clips onto one’s iPhone 7.5 and nose. This wire will translate texts, spoken words or script within apps into a strong smell. The iMagination, which is attached to one’s forehead, will send radioactive waves into the brain to sense the smell. It will then translate the smell back into words, and Siri’s voice will come out of the iMagination speakers.

   If you cannot afford this entire sound system for a minimum of $4000, you can just get an iSmell and try to interpret the scents or just deal with not being able to understand your phone. Let’s deal with the facts… Apple will not be losing any business due to this announcement.