JEB In 2020?

   In a now-deleted tweet, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush announced his intention to run for President 2020. As the tweet states, “We need capable people to be running our government. I officially announce my bid for the presidency in the next election. #Jeb2020 #Jeb!”
   According to sources close to the son and brother of two different presidents, Jeb Bush has been seething over President Trump’s treatment of him during the 2016 GOP Primaries. His bid will have the platform of not being Trump, and internal polling suggests that Jeb Bush could potentially defeat the sitting president in a defeat.

   However, sources close to President Trump have been dismissive of the claims. John Barron, a source who claims to be at the inner circle of Trump aides, stated, “Low-energy Jeb is not smart. He used 137 characters for one tweet. Sad!” Another aide, John Miller stated, “President Trump is fantastic, fabulous, so smart. Low-energy Jeb is going to lose bigly against him if he decides to run.”