Were The Patriots Cheating in the AFC Championship Game?

   A new Google Maps underground scan that was just performed this past weekend has discovered a science research and testing facility under the New England Patriots’ Gillette Stadium. There were 4 people in lab coats inside the facility when the scan was performed, so we here at The Outsider sent a team of investigators into the laboratory at night, and the findings were shocking. 

   There were no scientists in the facility when our team performed our investigation. They searched through every computer, notebook and object in the facility and reached a conclusion that the facility was used for researching new ways to deflate a football without the referees noticing. There were many footballs in there with chips installed in them that could release air from the football upon authorization from a mobile device. Other footballs contained radioactive substances that continuously decayed, making the football constantly lighter.  

   The New England Patriots have a history of deflating footballs in the past. Just this season, their star quarterback Tom Brady served a four-game suspension for his role in a previous deflation incident. That incident occurred two years ago in a playoff game where the Patriots destroyed the Colts.

   NFL commissioner Roger Goodell responded to this new incident by saying that there would be no punishment unless the Patriots were to use this technology in games. However, he informed referees that they should always check footballs used by the New England Patriots prior to each possession. This policy will start this Super Bowl where the New England Patriots will be taking on the Atlanta Falcons. If another deflation scandal occurred, especially during the Super Bowl, Goodell promised harsh punishments.