Amazing Stats #4

Welcome to a regular Outsider feature, Amazing Stats. We will provide you with ten unbelievable, yet certifiably true pieces of data. No more explanation is warranted. Please enjoy. Today’s theme is the early days of the presidency of Donald Trump.
10. Donald Trump’s projected approval rating at the end of the year: 26%

9. Trump’s current net approval rating: 0.0%

8. The number of people who attended the Women’s March: over 3 million

7. The number of people who attended Trump’s inauguration: 100,000

6. The percentage of media coverage that focused on Trump’s inauguration: 76%

5. Number of 2013 tweets by the White House Press Secretary trying to discover “whomever” unfollowed him: at least 2

4. Number of people worldwide who don’t realize Melania is a trophy wife: 700 Republicans

3. The approval rating of Trump’s son as compared to Trump himself: 55 percent higher

2. The number of liberals who unfollowed @POTUS on Twitter over the weekend: 2 million

1. Projected ranking of Trump among presidents after he completes his term: 45


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