Trumps Abolishes State Flags

  President Trump has recently announced his intentions to abolish state flags in the United States. This announcement comes after his visit to Alabama where he saw their state flag, a red ‘X’ that was inspired by the confederate battle flag. These developments come just days after he announced his personal flag depicting his greatness.

   According to President Trump, abolishing state flags will “promote the unity of states.” Our reporter questioned him on how the states can be united further than they already are. However, Trump screamed at him, walked away, and had the legendary press secretary Sean Spicer finish the interview for him. Another reporter informed the secretary that all states are joined and do not have the ability to leave without the consent of every other state, and his response was “Trump is afraid that everyone will stop liking Alabama.” We informed the secretary that the flag is over 100 years old, but he said “Trump believes that Alabama adopted this flag recently since he just found out about it.” 

   Many states have already spoken out against this new executive order. One state’s governor said “We will continue to fly our beloved flag until President Trump forces us to take it down.” The state of Alabama had even a stronger response as their attorney general stated “We are part of the union, but we cannot forget our history. We refuse to take our flag down, and we are willing to take this all the way to the Supreme Court.”

   The remarks of these states came soon after President Trump announced his intentions, so we do not believe there is a bill already written and ready to be signed. This gives President Trump plenty of time to defend his statement to gain a higher approval among states or retract his statement and not sign an executive order. Regardless, President Trump seems to have an odd obsession with flags.


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