NFL Retirees Return To Game

  This March, former NFL players will get back on the field to compete for the ultimate battle of generations. Those aged 50-65 will compete against those aged 65+ in downtown Honolulu. NFL fans everywhere picked the teams, coaches and the team captains through an online vote.

   The quarterback and captain for the seniors will be Terry Bradshaw, a former Pittsburgh Steeler and 4-time Super Bowl champion. He is confident to get back out of the field and win another title to add to his greatness. On the 50-65 team, the quarterback and team captain will be John Elway. He played for the Denver Broncos, won two Super Bowls, and remains the general manager of the Broncos to this day. On his matchup with Terry Bradshaw and a senior defense, he said “Why would I be concerned? I can outrun everybody.”

   There is a lot of former talent at the wide receiver position as well. The 65+ wide receiver unit will include a 73-year-old Fred Biletnikoff and a 74-year-old Paul Warfield. They will be going against a team composed of Steve Largent, Jerry Rice and Cris Carter. The younger team seems to outmatch the opposing wide receivers, but that is to be determined in the game.

   Lastly, there are some strong defensive competitors on each side. The 65+ squad’s linebacking core will be led by Jack Ham and Dick Butkus. They will be accompanied by Joe Greene, Jimmy Johnson and Sam Huff. The senior offense will also have a lot to fear with some of the greatest all time players on the defensive unit of the 50-65 team. They will have Richard Dent, Ronnie Lott, Lawrence Taylor and many more.

   These aged athletes will be putting a lot on the line as they get back on to the gridiron. They risk getting much worse injuries, but they are also at a lesser risk of being hit hard. The staff of The Outsider wish all of these rich, retired football players the best of luck.


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