1984 Replaced On Bestseller List

   According to many sources (including the usually-inaccurate CNN) Melania and Barron Trump would not move into the White House. They would instead remain in New York to “finish school”, which will take a while, as Barron has eight years of education left. By that time, Donald Trump will no longer live in the White House, assuming he plays by the rules. As a powerful leader once said, “The only preventative measure one can take is to live irregularly.”
   That powerful leader is none other than Adolf Hitler, and that line is taken straight from the translated version of his autobiography, Mein Kampf, published in 1925. The title, as we all know, means My Struggle. It outlines Hitler’s political ideologies and plans for the future. After writing the book, the ex-soldier went on to become the Chancellor of Germany and create the movement known as the Third Reich.

   It was a surprise to many when, around two weeks ago, 1984 reached number one on the Amazon bestseller list. This was allegedly in response to the public’s worries about the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20th. What’s revealed itself as being more surprising is that 1984 was recently shifted down to number two on the list. The book that replaced it? That was none other than Mein Kampf. Some suspect that this change was not because of a shift in popularity, but possibly because of Trump’s camp motivating Amazon. 


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  1. and its trump who has saved not only the us from a world like 1984 but the whole world. Trump is Emmanuel Goldstein. 2 minuts hate and the lie is you.


  2. because of Trump’s camp motivating Amazon.-
    what crap


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