Unidentified Object Found On Moon

  A string of leaked photos taken by NASA have been under heavy scrutiny recently when people have started seeing what seemed to be unidentified objects on the surface of the moon. NASA president Charles Bolden released this statement. “We are looking into the images, but from what we have seen, the objects are not UFOS, or Unidentified Flying Objects. This is because…they are not flying. What they appear to be is probably just a piece of dust on the camera. Also, these photographs could have been edited to show the object.”


  On the other hand, a expert in extraterrestrial life told us. “What seems to be happening is that NASA is trying to cover up the fact that they know of the existence of the extraterrestrial life, but they know because of government restrictions and the safety of the public. I can confidently say that it is a living creature though.”


  We have also talked to an counterfeiting detective who is an expert in Photoshop and he told us that the photos does not seem to be photoshopped. With both these points, most experts confidently say that it was in fact an extraterrestrial being.


An ex-NASA employee told us about what he has seen on the lines of aliens and UFOS. He said that this is like most of what he had seen in his time with NASA. He saw mostly cases like this, where they didn’t mean to capture a picture of the object, but it could be seen in the background of routine pictures. We have sworn to keep his identity and the identities of the other two individuals above unknown, because he had to pledge on his life not to tell anyone about what he has seen at NASA.


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