Trump Invests In Ladder Company

Since Trump has recently announced that he will be putting funds away to build a wall on the United States-Mexico Border, ladder companies in Mexico are nearly tripling their profits. While this was expected, some other information was unveiled that nobody saw coming. President Trump purchased stock in Mexico-based ladder manufacturers at the start of his campaign for the presidency.
During the campaign season, Trump refused to release his tax returns causing the media to speculate about something unusual in them. This could very well be the reason he refused to release them because it makes it look like he only wants the presidency to advance his business. Not only has he invested in many of these companies, but he has a controlling share of a specific company that’s name translates to english as ‘10.5 Foot Ladders.’ That is the perfect size ladder to lean slightly against a 10 foot wall and get over it.
When the media announced this information, Trump tweeted about how unfair the media was being to him again. He claimed that he didn’t have stock in any ladder companies, and that he was opposed to any effort to get past his wall. However, the evidence against him is irrefutable.
Companies including 10.5 Foot Ladders have been building larger facilities for manufacturing their ladders, and they are creating ladders of about the size required to climb over the wall. These new ladders are the most popular sellers at most stores across the country.


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