Trump Calls On Obama To Pay For Pipeline

During his presidency, President Obama stalled and eventually cancelled the creation of the Keystone XL pipeline. Now, President Trump has reinstated the building of the new pipeline, and he is making Obama pay for it. This comes just after he announced that Mexico will not be paying for the wall on the border.
“He stalled it, and now he has to give us money to make up for lost time,” said President Trump in a press conference. “We could have made up for the price of it by now,” he continued. In reality, the pipeline would not have made up for it’s price that quickly, and it would probably not even be built yet. Therefore, this could be another excuse for Trump to cut back on spending.
Former President Obama is yet to respond to these remarks by President Trump, but there is a very small chance he will be paying for the pipeline. After all, he is against it being built, he didn’t break any laws in cancelling its production and he doesn’t have billions in a personal bank account.
About 90 percent of Americans seem to be against Obama paying for the wall for a variety of reasons. When we conducted a survey, many people laughed as if this policy was a joke. Other people that weighed in on this issue include Chief Justice John Roberts who claims “Trump forcing Obama to pay for the pipeline would be unconstitutional.” Madonna also weighed in by saying “We should blow up the pipeline before it opens.”
If Trump is trying to gain popularity, this is definitely not the way to do it. If he is taking a shot at Obama, he missed by a mile. Basically, whatever his intentions were by saying Obama should pay for the pipeline didn’t work.


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