Amazing Stats #5

Welcome to a regular Outsider feature, Amazing Stats. We will provide you with ten unbelievable, yet certifiably true pieces of data. Don’t bother to “Google it” because every factoid here is 100 percent absolutely correct and confirmed by our highly specialized team of expertly-trained experts whose expertise lies in fact-checking facts. No more explanation is warranted. Please enjoy. Today’s theme is facts and figures about the upcoming Super Bowl.


10. The number of Super Bowls that took place in past years, before this one: too many


9. Predicted average number of viewers for this year’s Super Bowl: 110 million middle-aged and old Americans and 8 million others


8. The percentage of people who want the Atlanta Falcons to win the game: 89%


7. The percentage of those people who just want the New England Patriots to lose: 96%


6. Number of NFL “insiders” and “experts” who think (this year and every year) that the Super Bowl has the potential to be the “greatest one yet”: 75,000


5. The percentage of Americans who can correctly identify Matt Ryan as the Falcons quarterback: 19%


4. The percentage of Americans who can correctly identify Tom Brady as the Patriots quarterback: 70%


3. Number of interesting stats about Matt Ryan: 0


2. The percentage of football fans who don’t realize that the NFL will get shut down soon because it keeps giving people concussions: 99.7%


1. The ratio of real Patriots fans to bandwagon fans: 1 to 23


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