Cow Gone Wild Runs Free In Wisconsin

In the state of Wisconsin, a cow has escaped from his pen and is terrorizing neighboring homes. He has been in the run for almost three days, and there have been ten reported sightings within an eight mile radius, but nobody has been able to stop him.
“I was bringing the groceries in, and he stole the popcorn kernels,” said a movie critic working in Wisconsin. Many people have complained about the cow stealing or damaging their property. Two people have filed a complaint with the farm, and they are planning on sewing the farm that lost him. Others that have lost items that have seen the cow said it was cute, and they do not plan to pursue charges. He has been on social media in multiple occasions, and the police have found him in multiple occasions, but they have not been able to catch him.
The cow has been traveling north, and he is only about four days from the Canadian Border at this pace. If he isn’t caught within about two days, he will enter a forest area with a low chance of survival. In fact, he has a very little chance of survival in any area given he can’t steal from people.
The farm he escaped from is giving $2,000 to anyone who catches him alive and brings him back. There are multiple search parties in the area, and one group of people is searching for him with commercial drones. Today, there have been no pictures taken of him, but multiple people have reported a sighting from the highway. If you run into this cow by chance, feel free to chase after him. However, he has escaped the authorities multiple times, so you probably won’t catch him.


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