Trump Makes Statement About The Electoral College

During a surprise press conference today, President Trump made an announcement that shocked most members of his base. He stated that he would “do everything possible” in order to create “a more effective and democratic election system that represents all”. The main reason that this comes as a surprise is that although Trump lost the popular vote of the 2016 election by over two million votes, he won the Electoral College.

When Trump was livetweeting the 2012 presidential election, he stated that the electoral college was a disaster for democracy. Most experts thought that his statement was caused by his assumption that Republican candidate Mitt Romney would win the popular vote but not the electoral college.

It seems that those experts were incorrect. Towards the middle of the press conference, President Trump claimed that “the Electoral College was made to protect legitimate candidates such as myself from the threat of being defeated by a demigod.” At this point, Trump was stopped and corrected by an advisor. He then clarified himself by saying demagogue.

He continued by saying that he wasn’t sure if “the Electoral College would be able to protect [him] in that situation”. Trump also expressed his feelings that a better safeguard for him would be overwhelming support at the polls from his fanbase. Trump then announced that the conference had ended and he would be taking no questions.


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