Super Bowl Halftime Show Cut Short

Although never reported by broadcasters during the Super Bowl
game yesterday night (February 5th), the halftime show with a performance by Lady Gaga was clearly cut short because of time constraints.

Our field team reports that the first half of gameplay lasted 30 minutes longer than was expected. This is because of the number of passing plays which were executed. In the NFL, passes stop the game clock if there is not a catch or if the receiver steps out of bounds after making the catch.

As a result of this, Lady Gaga heard a message through her earpiece, telling her that the game was in a “time crunch”. At first, it appeared as if she would refuse to cut the show short, but there was an unexpected development.

If one looks back at the halftime footage, a brief pause in singing can be heard near the conclusion of the show. Lady Gaga was upset by the mistake and then realized that she had to stop the show anyway. For that reason, she completed the last song and ended the show, almost catching up the game to the expected time in the process.


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