Trump Fires Tillerson

President Trump is continuing to fire federal employees over criticism of his “Muslim Ban.” His most recent firing was Secretary of State Rex Tillerson after he said, “Putin and I agree that other measures are necessary, and that this ban should be only temporary.” The reason why Trump fired him over this is unknown, but most people believe it is because he is paranoid.
Previous firings have included the attorney general and the director of ICE. Both of these people criticized him, and they had the power to resist due to their jobs in the government. While the attorney general firing was publicized, the director of ICE was fired quietly. However, this didn’t stop the media from finding out about it!
Anyone who criticizes his policy and works for him seems to be getting fired. There are many protests, especially in airports, that are comparing Donald Trump to Joseph Stalin, former dictator of the USSR and the man responsible for the Great Purge. Trump has sparked outrage on social media, too. Hashtags including #MakeAmericaFreeAgain and #StopTrump have been taking off recently.
After this went public, Rex Tillerson announced his intentions to return to the oil business with Exxon Mobil. He was the CEO there before he got his job in the Trump Administration, and he still has enough stock to have a large say in the company, but he wants to get a full-time job working for them again. The CEO that replaced him said, “We will welcome Rex back to the company. He is a great leader and employee.”
As far as we know, Trump has no intentions to pull back his muslim ban or change it due to the criticism and protests in airports everywhere. His top advisors seem to be the only ones with him at this point, but they are probably just supporting this to keep their jobs.


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