Alotacu Officially Recognized 

   According to reports from the United States Department of Language, the recently discovered language Alotacu has been officially recognized by the United States government. Although very few people speak it, its existence cannot be denied because of the evidence discovered several weeks ago by our research team.
   Alotacu is a corruption/combination of two languages. Those languages are Spanish and a now-extinct language called Evern that was very prevalent in the Nunavut province many centuries ago. Spanish is one of the widest-spread languages in the world, and the third-most spoken in Canada.
   While Spanish is relatively simple to pick up, Evern was very difficult. Nearly every word in Evern was five letters or fewer, often leading to ambiguous pronunciations. When one compares a sentence in Spanish and Evern to Alotacu, the similarity is clear. Let’s take the example sentence: I am going to go to the movie theater to watch a film.
   In Spanish, it would read: “Voy a ir al cine para ver una película.” 

   In Evern: “e crer iux i ux i ot canme i yaam ot filum–”

   And in Alotacu, the same sentence reads: “e crer ir i uxa cinemo i ves ota película.”

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