After a month of sweet existence, the staff of The Outsider has an announcement to make. We are closing our doors, and we may never return. Thank you for the love you have shown us through this span.

Viewers representing over a dozen countries have visited the page. During January, we achieved 400 views and almost 100 unique visitors. You were also kind enough to give us eight followers, 28 likes, at least one reblog, and two wonderful ranting comments.

While it survived, The Outsider thrived. We were featured on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The front page of UFO News had a spot featuring one of our proudest articles. Some of you were directed here through Instagram, Facebook, and even some shady site consisting of 15 random numbers.

One reason we are retiring is that some individuals are accusing this site that we labored so hard on as being “fake news”. Looking back at our articles, none of them are perfect, but none are fabricated. Please, keep your hooey to yourself. We don’t need to hear it.

Feel free to go back and check on some of our finest work. Signing off now, we’ll leave you with a final countdown of sorts. Here is the listed of some of our favorite stories. Thank you for reading.

5. Apples: Soon To Be Extinct?
4. Paul Ryan Breaks Arm Dabbing
3. Waiters of America, Thank You For Your Service
2. Trump Will Return To “Celebrity Apprentice”
1. Top 5 Gorillas That Took Children Into Their Enclosures

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